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taupe can do nothing but envelop you in macabre ennui.

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Over-educated bisexualist flâneuse (with EU passport and intent to use) seeks similar for conversations about knitting, vanity, self-image, literature, politics, political literature and literary politics. Finds.


Friends list policy: This has been a private policy for a very long time, but I've only just got around to stating it. I have the usual problems with racism, sexism, classism, homophobia and so on, but in addition, I don't want to read anything that uses the word "retarded" or any neologisms based on it ("fucktard"&c), or "spaz" (ditto). If I feel comfortable doing so, I might challenge you on your use of those words, or I might chicken out and just defriend you silently. If this makes me a hyper-PC humourless coward in your opinion, then, whatevs. I'd rather be that than an insensitive arsehole.

(Also not impressed by derogatory use of the word gay, even if it's, like, totally pomo-hipster-ironic, but I'm marginally more flexible on that.)
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